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We follow international standards. The heating and cooling systems are measured considering their respective tonnages. One (1) ton equals 12,000 BTU/H. Residential systems can range from 1 to 5 tons. This way we know what which can do and what it can’t that another can.

Very much unlike what most people believe, there is no real  rule of thumb for measuring a system to a home. Depending on your home’s kind of construction, A single ton of air conditioning can cool anywhere from 300 to 800 square feet of home. Nevertheless, there is something you can do to make sure that the size of the system you purchase will be large enough to cool your home. It is to have your home’s individual heating and cooling needs evaluated by a licensed professional.

There is something we call the S.E.E.R. (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) we use it to refer to the amount of cooling your system will deliver for every dollar spent on your energy bills. For instance, a 3-ton unit can have a S.E.E.R. efficiency rating of 13, 14, or 15. The higher the S.E.E.R. the more likely the system is to be efficient. The S.E.E.R. rating of any given unit can range anywhere from 13 to 17. You need a professional to help you determine which S.E.E.R can best see you through.

One of the most important things to do is keep the filters clean on a regular basis. Any HVAC system is bound to cool and heat more evenly when the blower is in the “on” position. The blower is what provides the constant air movement throughout your living space or office building. It also allows for better filtration. To cap it all, blinds, drapes, shutters, drapes and screens among others should be fixed on the windows more exposed to extreme sunlight.

Not really. Well, a bigger system with perhaps twice the capacity delivers significantly less comfort and costs more to operate. And, that is something that is going to reflect on in your bills. An AC unit is at its least efficient when you first turn it on. When the system has way too much capacity, there is every chance it will run in a litany of short cycles. It will be turning on and off repeatedly, ending up causing it to be less efficient. Also bear in mind in mind that an HVAC system only removes humidity when it’s running. So, a system with shorter run cycles doesn’t remove humidity from the air very well.

There is no precise answer to that question. It is all a matter of dependability. The average HVAC system is designed to remove the heat from your space as fast as it comes in. The unit is meant to do so on an average of 110° day. So, ideally, a 110°-a-day system should be able to keep up with the incoming heat. Not gain on it and be able to turn off. If it becomes cooler to under 110°, the  system will be more cycle-on-and-off.

That is actually a good question. The moment your system starts up, it will use a lot of electricity. As at this point. It will not produce much cooling for your home or office space. More often than not, a system that has less capacity to cool the home or place of business is more economical to run. The bad thing is that it delivers less comfort. In spite of the fact that it will run nonstop, it will often consume less electricity than a larger system which cycles-on-and-off. Here’s a thumb rule: a unit that is either on or off is less expensive than the one that is busy cycling on and off.

To keep your HVAC system running in the best shape possible, Emergency AC Corp recommends that you get into a maintenance appointment agreement for twice a year (once for the heating system,  and once for the air conditioning). This way, one of our professional technicians can have a look at your filters, coils, wiring, housing, motor, and more. They’d also make sure you’re getting the most out of your system.

Do not worry about a thing! Whether your problem happens at three in the morning or on the 4th of July, our HVAC service experts are available to get your system back up and running. Just give us a call any time.

At Emergency AC Corp, a good number of our air conditioning systems come with a great warranty. That is how you make so you can enjoy your system for years to come. We also have some really great maintenance plans that can go a long way in helping you to reduce your utility bills and extend the life of your equipment.

We typically arrive on site under 30 minutes, all things being equal. Whether it is on a weekend, a public holiday or the last night of the year, we are sure to show up like it is our own emergency as well.

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