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Air Conditioning Installation

If the summer months are nigh and you need your air conditioner installation before the heat becomes angry, look no further than Emergency AC Corp.

You might fancy yourself an amatuer handyman for less pay and more work. If you go down this road and damage your air conditioning, you are in for more money going out of your account. So more work, more money. Attempting to install an AC without the proper knowhow, training and equipment, will not only render you warranty or guaranteed completely invalid but also give yourself a financial assignment.

When you work with us, you will be connected to the best, local air conditioner installation technicians. They will be able to securely and safely  install your AC in a matter of moments. If you have not bought the unit yet, you can ask us to help you out too. We buy directly from the distributors and manufacturers, so we buy only quality.

Emergency AC Corp are vetted and background-checked AC service professionals. We are like the Mission Impossible team but only that we don’t do ghost protocol. We live by a 24/7 code, open to provide our ac installation service at any time of the day, any day of the week and any month of the year. Even on Christmas!

We also take pride in affordable pricing. Plus we are very upfront about the way we charge for our work. We don’t do hidden fees, surprise charges and forced compensations. We give one of the most competitive prices in the market today, so it is a shortcut to saving a little more money.

There are no time windows on our services, neither are there doors. We are widely open for you to book our professionalism whenever you wish to.

Why Choose Us for AC Installation?

We start every air conditioning installation task with a complete load calculation. This is how we determine the exact amount of cooling capacity your home or business needs. If the system is uncalibrated, it would be less efficient and a lot more prone to fatigue and catharsis.

That is why our own load calculation techniques do not depend on previously recorded results. By considering the insulation, square footage and other factors, we are able to come up with the required capacity. Then, our professionals will find a system that calibrated to that capacity.

When we finally agree on a system, we’ll work diligently to get the unit running in the no time. We move as fast and as effectively as possible, because we are familiar with the producer’s specs and how to ensure every unit installed meets those specs.

Our team of air conditioning installation professionals can always get the job done right on the first visit, all things being equal. And, if there are any issues we experience in the process, we’ll let you in the loop at all times.

Let’s just install your AC so you can rest well already!

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