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Indoor Air Quality

It’s not just about temperature management; indoor air quality must be up to the mark for your health, and we will provide you with the best!

Coil Cleaning

To maintain indoor air quality and for the health of humans, it is essential to get your cooling device coil cleaned regularly. This will clear off any buildup or fungal growth that may get into your breathing passage and harm your health.

Maintenance of AC coils is good for your health, lowering energy consumption, and retaining the system’s efficiency. The coils trap dust, debris, particles, and other contaminants such as molds, spores of fungi, etc. This filtering is effective with cleaner coils, while dirty coils can selfly contaminate the clean air.

So get your coils deep cleaned by our efficient coil cleaners, who will ensure no debris can contaminate your air and maintain high indoor air quality keeping you comfortable and healthy. Also, you can book annual or biannual coil cleaning maintenance services from us to ensure no compromise on indoor air quality.

UV light

UV light is known for its disinfectant properties and delivers similar functionality in HVAC systems. Installing UV lights in rooms or the HVAC system kills harmful bacteria or germs in the air flowing through your indoor spaces.

UV lights come in up-roof units or can be installed within the ducts or AC coils to disinfect the elements and air. Induct UV lights are the most feasible and effective way of disinfecting indoor air without aesthetic issues.

At Emergency AC Corp, we offer innovative duct and coil designs integrated with UV light cleaners to ensure the best indoor air quality so you can enjoy heating and cooling without risking your health. You can also get a UV light deep cleaning service, which will disinfect your coils and ducts from any bacteria or buildup that may affect your health.

Air Purifier

To maintain indoor air quality, air purifiers or filters are installed in the HVAC system to trap contaminants, harmful bacteria, germs, etc. The filters are of 4 types, which you can choose per your requirements. The most common ones are the general mesh flat filters, which trap dirt, debris, etc. If you want more deep filtering, you can opt for fiber-based extended filters, which are more effective in keeping contaminants out of the air.

Electronic filters are installed to clean out harmful fumes, smoke, etc., and remove them from pure air through electric pulses. Lastly, disinfectant and UV filter cleaners will clean all viral germs, bacteria, or disease-containing spores. These air purification mechanisms will keep the indoor air quality in check, and you can rest assured about your and your loved one’s health with our HVAC air purification features.

Duct sanitization

After COVID, deep cleaning and sanitization have been emphasized. With the airborne diseases and infections outside, keeping your indoors safe and disinfected is better. Duct sanitization includes cleaning and washing your HVAC ducts, filling out any leaks and cracks, and then spraying sanitizer solution to disinfect and thoroughly clean the passages.

With this, you get a thoroughly cleaned system, and there is no risk to your health or any infection reaching out to you through the air, and no buildup is there on any elements or microorganisms seeping through the air filters. In winter, keep your kids safe from viral flu, bacterial pneumonia, or chest infections due to inhaling contaminated air. Book direct sanitization service from Emergency AC Corp, and we will make sure each breath you take is clean, french, and safe.

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