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Heater Repair Miami

When the cold snap hits, you want your home to remain warm and cozy, so your heater needs to be at optimum working capacity. Emergency AC Corp has been providing heater repair to residents and commercial clients for several years. So you can feel comfy calling us when you need a heater repair service. It is our mission to help you keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

We Offer Heater Repair Services

At Emergency AC Corp, we pride ourselves in offering both heat repair and installation. Our job is to service your unit regularly in order to identify the potential problems before they become major.

Should your heater stop working, we will use the best quality parts in our coffers and some cutting-edge equipment in our possession to repair it as quickly as we can. This is to enable us to minimize the discomfort in your living space for you and your family.

In some cases, our technicians will need to repair or install you an entirely new system because the existing one is finally coming of replaceable age. You can expect us to perform the following when we are trying to help you repair a new unit:

Conduct load calculation for your home: Our experts will do well to conduct a personalized and extensive load calculation on your home. This way, we will be able to determine which size unit you need so we can ensure it heats the entire building properly.

Help you choose the right brand: We’ll work with you to determine which brand of equipment meets your needs.

Install a new heater unit: We set the new unit in place and connect all the necessary wires. If they need new wires, we will get the best out there and use them as replacements.

Our team will turn the system on and make sure it heats the entire house evenly before leaving.

Why should I choose Emergency AC Corp?

For many years, our expert technicians have been serving heater repair for a variety of clients, even industrial in the local area. Whether your HVAC system is made by Trane, Amana and Lennox, our servicemen are equipped to handle them.

As soon as you put a call through to our dispatcher, They’ll direct the nearest technician to your location. They contact you and meet you up wherever you are in a matter of minutes. No more waiting for hours.

Our satisfaction-oriented professional will be able to identify the problem, and apprise you of the solutions. In most cases, they will fix the issue the same day, all things being equal.

If your heater isn’t serving you well during winter, your house might very well freeze over. Rather than having to go through this stress for months, let Emergency AC Corp provide you with some repair or parts replacement for even your entire HVAC system.

Let us work together and shake hands after a job well done!

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